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Crimes happen everywhere which means crime suspects get arrested as well. These suspects or accused individuals are not always guilty of the offense, making their loved ones worry about their situation in jail. In San Diego alone, the crime rates have been fluctuating over the years, making it unpredictable to forecast what to expect each year. When an individual is arrested and accused of a crime, it is a given fact that he or she wants to be out of jail as soon as possible to lessen worries and anxieties of the accused and that of his or her loved ones, too.

After being detained in jail, the court will have a bail hearing and set a bail amount for the accused individual. This is in order for him or her to have the option to get out of jail. If the accused can afford the bail amount, there will be no problem. He or she will be released in no time. How about if the accused cannot afford the bail? Will the accused stay in jail until he or she is proven innocent? Well, there is hope!†

Our company understands the concerns of the accused and his or her family and friends. That is why we are here for you, to help you deal with the bail matters when you canít afford it. We have employed the top licensed bail bondsmen in San Diego. All of them are equipped with knowledge and skills from their extensive training. They are also ready to act upon different cases and concerns of the accused and his or her loved ones. Since we cannot always predict the occurrence of crimes, our company and our bail bondsmen are on call, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.†

Once the court issues a bail amount, contact us, and we will guide you accordingly. You, the representative of the accused, will be asked a series of questions regarding the details of the case. After everything is clear, we will schedule you for a meeting with one of our bail bondsmen. You will be discussing the bail bond premium. The charge should be 10% of the total bail depending on the crime allegedly committed by the accused individual. Once you come into an agreement, a document will be signed by the bail bondsman, the accused and a co-signor who will be paying for the bail in the event that the accused failed to fulfill his or her court obligations.†

After paying the premium or service charge, your designated bail bondsman will post the bond to the jail. The individual accused will then be released temporarily. While the accused enjoys a free life, he or she should always remember his or her court obligations. Missing a court hearing can make the case of the accused more complicated as it may lead to another arrest in the future.

Our company offers flexible payment plans for the bail bonds premium and the best quality service in San Diego. When the need arises, donít panic and just give us a call. We are sure to assist you in every step of the way until your accused loved one is free.†

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Best Bail Bond Professionals of San Diego: Ready to Serve You

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